How can I buy a Frog Bike in person?

Please click dealer locator in the info section to see if we have a Frog dealer near you. If you don't have a Frog dealer nearby, please contact us by email at sales@gbsportdistributors.com. 

What size bike should I buy?

To get the right size bike for your child, the most important measurement is inside leg. Stand your child against a wall, with their heels right against the wall. Put a book between their legs, as high as is comfortable. Ask them to step away from the wall, allowing you to measure from the floor to the top of the book (in cm). Check our size guide to see what size of bike will best fit your child. In the fitting your child section on the homepage. Don’t be tempted to go for a larger bike, it’s not safe for a child to ride a bike that they can’t easily control, or where their legs don’t comfortably reach the ground.

Frog Bikes are designed to grow with your child so you should get at least 18 months’ use out of the bike: the saddle height is easily adjusted, seat posts are long, handlebars can rise, and saddles can be moved backwards and forwards to match the growing reach of a child’s arms.

How do I make sure the bike is the right size?

When your child first sits on the bike, you need to check the saddle height. The balls of their feet should be able to reach the ground on both sides. most of our seat posts have quick-release levers so it is easy to adjust the saddle height.

Please see the manual online for full details of how to adjust the saddle and handlebars. If you need further help adjusting your bike, your local bike store should be able to assist.

Will I need to assemble a bike?

If you buy direct from the website, you’ll need to attach the handlebars, put on the front wheel, front brakes, pedals, check all brakes are set correctly and set up the gears on the Frog 53 upwards. (apart from the tadpole, where you’ll just need to attach the handlebars and check the brake). Full instructions are available in our online manual please follow the instructions and carry out all the checks and adjustments described.


What’s the best age to start riding a bike?

Balance bikes are ideal from the age of 2 upwards. As long as the rider can get both feet flat on the ground, they will enjoy riding it. But if your child is older, then they can of course learn to ride at any age!

Just make sure you get them a lightweight bike that is not too big for them: a big bike is not as safe, and it may even put them off.

How do I get my child started on a bike?

We recommend starting on a lightweight balance bike from a young age (2-3 years) as balance is so important in riding. Kids will enjoy the freedom of a set of wheels and the transition to a “proper” bike with pedals will be relatively smooth. Balance bikes can handle much rougher terrain than training wheels, as their wheels are so much bigger.

If your child is too big for a balance bike, get them a lightweight bike which is the right height for them, and take off the pedals for a few weeks and use it like a balance bike. It won't take them long to get the hang of it, then add back the pedals and they'll be off!

Should I use training wheels or a balance bike? Which is better?

There are advantages to both, but most cycling professionals would recommend the balance option. Balance is so important in learning to ride, and honestly using training wheels for a few months (or longer) only delays the process. When the training wheels go, the child still has to learn to balance, and by that time they can be much bigger, which means a higher center of gravity. Also, a balance bike can be taken on much rougher terrain than training wheels – whether it’s a grassy park or the woods. If kids start their cycling career on a lightweight balance bike, when it’s time to move on they only have to learn to pedal – this is much more straight-forward than learning to balance.

If your child is a bit too tall for a balance bike, you should buy the right size bike for them (see our size guide) and simply not attach the pedals for a while. They can learn to balance and scoot around on their bike, and when they feel ready, just add the pedals.

Should you decide that you need training wheels for a while, the best ones we have found for the Frog 40 and 48 are the EZ Trainer Suspension Stabiliser 12-16" Wheel from Adie. Your local Frog Frog dealer can fit these with a change of axle. They comply with EN 14765.

Why is weight so important?

Can you imagine riding a bike that’s half your own body weight?That’s what lots of steel kids’ bikes are like.

But a lightweight bike is easier for children to balance, control and enjoy, and faster to ride! It’s also easier for parents to carry or load onto a roof-rack.

Frog Bikes are all aluminum, which makes them some of the very lightest bikes on the market.

How long will the bike fit my child? Will my child grow out of it quickly? How do I adjust the bike as my child grows?

Depending on how fast your child grows of course, we expect that most of our bikes will last you about 18 months to 2 years. They are designed with “stretch” so the saddle height is easily adjusted, seat posts are long, handlebars can rise and also a longer stem can be added (you will need to go to your local Frog store to do this), and saddles can be moved backwards to match the growing reach of a child’s arms.

If you purchased the bikes from one of our Frog dealers, discuss with them if they offer a trade-in for the purchase of a new Frog bike. If you purchased the bike directly from us, we currently don't have a program for trade ins but email us at sales@gbsportdistributors.com and we can discuss opportunites.


How will my bike be delivered?

Bikes will be delivered via UPS. It will be ground shipping 3-5 business days from our NJ warehouse. Your bike will ship out within 5 working days from our order. We will send you a tracking number when your bike is shipped.

What if something goes wrong and I need to return the bike?

If you think something is wrong with the bike (including warranty issues) and you have bought it from a retailer please contact the retailer first.

If you purchased direct from GB Sport Distributors please text us on 201-378-3707 as one of our mechanics may be able to help you fix the issue. Please note they are on UK time.

If you need to return your bike for any reason within 30 days, email sales@gbsportdistributors.com to make arrangements for a return. Please put RETURN in the subject line.

  • Note that we will cover all domestic return shipping costs, but we don’t reimburse the initial shipping expense when a product is returned. 
  • Your next steps are printing the return shipping label, packing up the item(s) safely, and bringing the return package to UPS.

We’re sure you’ll understand that if it has been ridden outside we can only refund or exchange if it is faulty.


How can I service the bike?

We recommend you take your bike to your local bike shop for a service after the first 6 weeks of riding, as cables tend to stretch a bit at first.

If your bike has a suspension fork, ensure it is cleaned after every ride. We recommend they are serviced, lubed, and tuned by your local bike shop after 100 hours of riding, or 6 months (whichever is earlier). Do not apply pressure from a water jet directly onto wiper seals or frame bearings.

If you are mechanically minded, you should regularly check your bike anyway: lookout for signs of wear in the brake pads, keep the chain, gears and gear-changer well oiled especially after washing the bike or riding in the rain. Clean the mud off it after each ride, and avoid leaving it damp. And take it to a qualified bike mechanic at your local bike shop every 6-12 months anyway for a full service.

How to maintain your Frog Bike frame?

We recommend using the clear frame protection stickers you receive with your Frog Bike to prevent any paint damage to the frame. If you would like to cover any marks on your Frog Bike frame we offer touch-up paint and paint plasters to keep your frame looking shiny and new.

Please be aware that the color of the touch-up paint and paint plasters may not be identical to the color of your bike frame depending on the age of your bicycle. Frame paintwork may fade over time due to use and exposure to the elements, for this reason, we strongly recommend testing touch-up paint on a small, discreet area first.

How do I attach the mudguards?

If you have version 1 or 2 of the manual, you may be wondering how to fit the mudguards. We're sorry that this version doesn't give instructions.

However, please see the online manuals for our original and updated versions - these will show you how to fit them, step by step.

Original Mudguard Manual

Updated Version

Where can I get more inner tubes?

Your local bike shop will sell you replacement standard inner tubes. Check the dimensions written on your tires to see what size you need, or see the detailed Tech Spec for each bike.

Where do I find the bike's serial number?

This is stamped on the bottom of the frame right between the pedal cranks (on the “bottom bracket”).

Can I easily take off the front wheel to transport the bike?

The front wheels all have a quick-release mechanism so you can easily take them off and re-attach them (except the Tadpole, 40 and 48).

Check the user manual for instructions on how to disconnect the front brakes and remove the wheel – and how to reconnect them safely.

Can I have a basket on my Frog bike?

You can add baskets or a luggage rack to your bike. There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Purchase a basket rack that fits onto the seat post, e.g. one of the following:BBB Carrier MountRack BCA-02 weighs 100gPedalPro Seatpost mounted rear luggage rack weighs 600gRixen & Kaul Freerack Plus BZ820 aluminium Seatpost-mounted rackTACTUFF Rear Luggage Beam Rack weighs 1.1kgAvenir Pioneer Urban or Urban Elite weighs 3kgAlloy Seatpost Mounting Rear Rack/CarrierETC Cycle Bike Rear Pannier rack (seat post fit) weighs 900gKeirin Seatpost luggage rack

2. Purchase a normal set of  racks, for example, Ventura rack and add eitherM-Part Seatclamp And Rackmount orBontrager Eyeleted Seatpost Clamps

Can I attach a kick-stand to my Frog?

You can attach a kickstand to the bottom bracket of all Frog bikes, from size Frog 40 upwards. We sell them on certain bikes or you can get them at many local bike stores too.

Can I swap the brakes around?

Yes, this is easy to do. Please watch this short video to show you how:


We always recommend that a qualified bike mechanic checks your bike thoroughly before your child starts to ride it.

Do the small bikes come with a chain guard?

The current European standards (EN14765) state that pedal bikes up to 16” need to be supplied with a chain guard, so our Frog 40, Frog 44 and 47 have a chain guard included in the box.


Do Frog Bikes comply with Standards; EN, ISO CPSC standards?

Every single Frog bikes frame, fork and component is rigorously tested and conforms to EN, ISO and CPSC standards.

The Tadpole and Tadpole Plus have passed EN71 (Toys) which is the standard for Balance bikes.

The Frog 40, 44, 47 have passed EN14765, ISO 8098 and CPSC 1512 and are supplied with a full chainguard as standard, which stores can fit if requested when you collect the bike. US bikes include coaster wheels on request.

The Frog 52, 55, 62, 69, 73 and 78 have passed EN14764, ISO 4210 and CPSC 1512.

The Frog Road and Track 58, 67 and 70 have passed EN14781, ISO 4210 and CPSC 1512.

The Frog MTBs 62, 69 and 72 have passed ISO 4210 and CPSC 1512.

If you would like more details about the nature of the testing, and how our bikes conform to the standards, please contact us on info@frogbikesusa.com Further details are also available from BSI Standards Publications.


I am a bike shop, how do I order a Frog bike to sell?

If your business is in the bicycle trade, click on Dealer login and create an account. We will need your Tax ID number and your Sales Tax Excemption form filled out and emailed to us to be approved to sale. If you don't have a rep, please email sales@gbsportdistributors.com to get a password.